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    Fit-A-Thon is October 11, 2013


    Raise $55,000 and watch Dr. Costa strut his stuff at a Top Model!

    $75,000 and Dr. Costa becomes an American Idol!

    This is the ONLY fundraiser where 100% of proceeds goes DIRECTLY to Stanford.

    You thought last year's Fear Factor Fit-a-Thon was fun???  This year's theme promises to ...


    What is it???  Fit-A-Thon, organized jointly by the SMS PTA and Stanford staff, raises money that funds the school directly without going through a fundraising company. Fit-a-Thon is like a jog-a-thon but with a variety of aerobic activities that students pledge to perform. All Stanford students participate in the Fit-a-Thon and are encouraged to gather pledges.

    How can parents help?  Volunteer opportunities to help out before, after, and during the event are available. There are also opportunities to donate prizes as well. Contact Alana Stevens, Fit-a-Thon Chair, at to be put on the volunteer list or for more information.  Volunteer online by clicking here.

    When do we start collecting?  Students will attend a Fit-a-Thon assembly and receive their pledge packets on September 27.

    How do students participate? Participants may ask neighbors (students should not walk the neighbor hood asking for donations – please only contact neighbors you know), parent’s co-workers, friends and family to sponsor your student.  The minimum pledge is $5.00 per sponsor.  We are basing all pledges on completion of the Fit-a-Thon activities so that what is pledged by each sponsor will be the total amount paid.  Students will participate in the Fit-a-Thon during their P.E. period.  Please check with your child to find out their PE teacher’s name and period.

    How much should each student contribute?  Students gather as many pledges as they can; all students participate in the Fit-a-Thon regardless of how much they bring in.  However, awesome prizes will be awarded to students who bring in a certain level of monetary contribtion.  Look out for prize level information in the Fit-a-Thon Packet.

    Why do we need the money?  Stanford PTA will use some of the money to help fund programs such at PTA Reflections Art Showcase, Teacher of the Year Essay Contest, Parent Education, Honorary Service Awards, Environmental Stewardship, School Dances, School & Student Enrichment, the Newsletter (Hawk Talk) and Teacher Appreciation.

    The PTA will also gift some of the money to the school to use where they see the need for it.  For example, in the past the school has updated and staffed the computer lab, added or replaced benches around the school and they have supported after school enrichment and intervention programs including after school homework assistance in all subjects.  One of the main goals this year: raise funds to purchase and install ceiling fans in every classroom without a fan or air conditioner.


    Fit-a-Thon Letter 2013-2014

    Prize Information Sheet

    These forms along with the sponsor sheet and envelope can be downloaded at this link.